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When It Hurts So Good

I know, I know...LOL. You're probably wondering what hurts so good? Don't worry, it's clean (wink).

Healing is challenging. Why? Because in the process of doing what you know is right and good for you, there are some painful moments that can hurt so bad. To the point you will question why you are even trying.

In the beginning, it feels good and empowering to identify the areas you want to work on and heal. Within that acknowledgement, you may find ways to vent out those matters that have been stirring on the inside of you. You will soon float on the "pink cloud" a temporary feeling of euphoria during your recovery and healing journey. Normally, the pink cloud reference is limited to those in addiction recovery. However, I've personally witnessed it for others who are working through other mental and emotional issues as well.

Then, the pink cloud goes POOF! You wake up one morning in excruciating emotional pain. You can't stop crying. You feel an overwhelming feeling of sadness. You lack motivation to tend to your daily obligations or routine. You may even experience nausea or stomach pain.

What is happening? I will tell you... HEALING. Yes, healing. Your healing process has taken you to a place of emotional purging. It is necessary to get those nasty internal toxins out. You must detox from the residue of your past. Now, that you've identified those things in the initial phase, now the emotions tied to those matters are rising up until you need to regurgitate them.

LET IT OUT!!!! Don't fight it because that emotional weight needs to be lifted. It's part of the process. It's now time to really process the emotions, thoughts and feelings behind the pain. Call your Therapist, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach or whomever you've connected with to help you in this healing journey. They will know what to do.

You are birthing out new oil in your life. That oil is healing which leads to purpose and that purpose to your true destiny. I promise the oil of wholeness is so magnificent. You will reside in peace more often even through the troubling times. You experience happiness from within and not based on others or situations. You will unlock the doors to abundance which will allow you to experience blessing upon blessing.

Trust the process. It is so worth it...I am a living witness. ;-)