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I Won't Complain

"I have a bank account but not enough money."

"I have a job but I can't stand my job or my boss."

"Yea, I have a place to live, but I need a bigger or nicer place."

"I'm sick of this car."

"I'm tired of being single."

"I need more...."

These are common complaints that I not only hear, but have expressed myself. I know, it's easier to identify what's not right or what you feel is missing to make your life better. Don't get me wrong, it's quite ok to aspire for more, but, can you honestly say you are grateful for where you are now?

The idea of this post came to me the other day as I reflected on where I currently am. I had a list of things I could easily identify as what's not right or good enough. Instead, I said to God and myself, "I won't complain." I sat in that moment realizing I could be in a much worse place in life. I shifted my focus to be grateful for my now.

Do I have the money I desire in my account? Nope. Yet, I have multiple accounts that are awaiting the increase I'm anticipating daily through my faith. You see, I'm in a phase of building my business and establishing my brand. That's consisting of efforts and sacrifices that means I won't become an overnight millionaire. Yet, I know the resources I need to further build are coming. I also know that in the process, my daughters and I lack nothing. We are not homeless, all utilities are on and paid. I have a car to drive us to wherever we need to go. I have a business to call my own. I have a loving family and friend circle. I can go on and on but I'm sure you get the point.

The reality is, we all can stand to choose to be grateful for where we are now. Why? Because gratitude releases greater. Today, say to yourself, "I won't complain." I promise, as you reflect on the what is good and right in your life, you will realize you are better off than you think.

Be grateful and stay blessed Kings and Queens!