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Qiana Howell, MS

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     Qiana Howell is the Founder and CEO of Empowered to Heal, LLC, which provides therapy services for individuals who are dealing with addiction, trauma related issues, grief, parental challenges, relationship challenges, and domestic abuse. Qiana has embraced her unique calling to be a men’s advocate and empowerment coach. Qiana is uniquely gifted to help others heal from brokenness and establish wholeness mentally and emotionally to maintain a healthy life. She uses a holistic approach, which includes her spiritual foundation as a tool to help others realize their God given purpose through their healing journey. In addition, Qiana provides education and awareness regarding mental health and domestic abuse by way of community events, workshops, and panel discussions. 

     A bold survivor of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and an overcomer of many life challenges, Qiana shares her personal experiences combined with her professional knowledge to help others Heal to Wholeness. She began speaking to teens at the age of 14 as a Peer Counselor in her hometown of Detroit. From there, Qiana honed her speaking skills in the corporate world when she began her career in Human Resources.  However, while she experienced a successful career path in the corporate world, she realized she still had not fulfilled her divine purpose.  In 2011, upon receiving a revelation of her life’s calling, Qiana learned that sharing the message of her past pain had to become her purpose. She joined the efforts to promote domestic violence awareness and to bring about change. During her journey of being an advocate for the domestic violence cause, Qiana discovered that her greater purpose was to help people heal from various forms of trauma, build their self-esteem, and overcome the struggles of addiction. She became well equipped for her life assignment having earned her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with successful completion of professional training courses in the mental health field.  

     Qiana’s professional ventures include providing therapy and case management services with various behavioral health organizations.  She specializes in working with male clients by way of facilitating male gender groups for addiction recovery, individual therapy, and abuser intervention classes. Qiana has served her community by volunteering as a teen mentor in Maryland, active Board Member for a Georgia based domestic violence organization, and ongoing support of varied community organizations. She has also managed an Abuser Intervention Program, where she facilitated psycho education classes with male and female offenders in the state of Maryland.  The success of that program led to another agency inviting Qiana to conduct Anger Management workshops at a local women’s prison in Maryland.  She quickly became a leader in the field and a sought-after Speaker, Empowerment Coach and Mentor.  Qiana is currently the Host of Conversations with Q a podcast currently available on YouTube. The show brings awareness to mental health issues while tearing away at the stigmas of mental illness and related subject matters.Qiana published her first book in 2014 titled, The Pivotal Relationship. She shared her real-life experience with domestic abuse in a fictious version of this novel. In May 2021, Qiana's sophmore book, Help Me, I'm Hurting was published. This book empowers and equips readers to heal and maintain wholeness.

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